Are you designing the new Student Energy Race?

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We organise a hackathon for a new sustainability contest in which student houses compete against each other. We want to reform the SER (Student Energy Race) to a race in which every student house can join. To do that, we need your help! Do you create the new concept for the Student Energy Race for the next 10 years? Does your team win €250,- p.p.?

Student Energy Race

The Student Energy Race (SER) is the energy reducing race among student houses in the Netherlands. From the 1st of November till the 29nd of February, student houses try to reduce as much energy as they can. During the race, the student houses reduce their energy use by changing their behaviour and habits. The goal of the SER is to make students aware of their energy use and to make them reduce their energy use. This contributes to the reduce of the CO2 emissions and to affordable student housing.


The most student dorms have one energy meter. This dorm has several halls; each hall is a separate student house. At the moment all these separate student houses cannot join the SER, since all these houses share the same energy meter. We are looking for a new concept of the SER for student housing, in which all students can join, no matter where they live.

What is in it for you?

  • Inspiring workshops, like pitching, design things and behaviour change;
  • Your concept will be the new format for the SER the next several years;
  • You get to know experts who are specialised in sustainability;
  • A unique opportunity to show your affection for sustainability on your resume;
  • Win the prize of €250,- p.p.

What will happen during the hackathon?

During the hackathon you and your team will design a new concept for the SER. You will be supported by several experts and you have the opportunity to go to several mini workshops. At the
end of the day, you will present your concept to the jury. The concept that the jury likes the most, will be the new inspiration for the SER for the next 10 years and you will be rewarded with €250,-
p.p. We will provide drinks, a nice lunch and dinner. This day will be fun and educational, in which we will work together on the sustainability contest of the future.

When: to be determined
Where: to be determined
Persons per team: five or six (note: there should be at least one Dutch speaking person in your group).

Want to sign up?

The Hackathon registration has been closed due to the corona measures. As soon as the new date has been determined, the hackathon registration will become available again.